Building a Litecoin Mining Rig

Crypto-currencies are all the rage these days as Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in value last year reached the public consciousness. While the Bitcoin “gold-rush” is over, there are now tens of other crypto-currencies being traded and mined (the process used to create the coins).

Litecoin has been described as silver to Bitcoin’s gold. This coin uses a different algorithm for mining coins, one that still allows people to mine coins using GPUs (the chips on video cards). Up until the middle of last year, anyone could mine Bitcoins this way but the inbuilt increasing difficulty in mining coins has meant that specialist hardware is now required to mine Bitcoins. Litecoins can still be mined with ordinary PCs and video cards.

You can also build dedicated PCs to mine Litecoins. Their sole purpose is to mine coins so the video cards work flat-out leaving no resources for other activities.

I built such a mining rig and finally, after quite a bit of trouble, got the software installed and running on it.

The continuing story is here…

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